What is this?

My name's Julia and I'm here to share my Journey. I've always been overweight/obese and I know its time for a change. I started in April 2014 on my journey and have seen such good results using Beachbody products, I decided to become a coach and help others just like me reach their goals.

What is coaching?

I offer FREE fitness and health coaching. I'm here to be your friend and support system! I have a ton of tools in my arsenal and together we can make sure you get to the point you've always wanted to be at! :D

I hope I can help inspire and motivate y'all to get healthy and fit and help end the trend of obesity! This will be my hub- where we can all get in touch and help each other lose weight, reach financial freedom, and become best friends. 

see what your body & mind can do

Join me!